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September 30, 2020
Past ProjectsProject GallerySarjeant Gallery Wanganui
Sarjeant Gallery Wanganui
Sarjeant Gallery an Oamaru Stone Building, JetX worked on in conjunction with Goldfield Stone. The Cap/Parapet on the building which is Oamaru Stone was Tarred, Fibreglasses and Painted 20 years ago to stop moisture penetration. This over the 20 years created more problems tan it solved. The Cap sealed all the moisture in the Oamaru Stone creating very bad effervescence on the walls and ceilings with water dripping on the inside. JetX Stripped the Fibreglass off by hand and then using our Restoration Techniques pulled the tar out of the stone without damage to the substrate. The moisture form inside the building can now breathe.
About Vess

VESS Restoration Cleaning Systems provide the means for cleaning stone, brick, marble, Omaru stone, concrete and wood surfaces that is effective and which doesn’t risk further damage to the building surface.

VESS Restoration Cleaning Systems are proprietary systems developed from 30+ years experience in the cleaning restoration of heritage buildings and building requiring a sensitive and/or innovative approach.

VESS Restoration Cleaning Systems provides building owners and restorer’s access to this expertise and to best practice cleaning techniques for removal of: dirt, grime, pollutants, biological growths, paint, graffiti and other surface contaminants effectively and safely.